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Company incorporation services in Saudi Arabia

Services for establishing companies in Saudi Arabia and issuing licenses, Ministry of Investment licenses and providing commercial services in Saudi Arabia, licensing factories with commercial cadres in opening companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with great experience in government relations and public relations And legal experience in Saudi laws and regulations in the establishment of Arab and foreign companies, investor services, issuance of articles of incorporation, entry and exit of partners, amendment of articles of incorporation, transfer of ownership of companies, amendment of corporate entity, merging of companies, registration of commercial agencies and franchising, hired service, labor rental contracts service, issuance and receipt of professional visas, supply of labor on demand for private establishments and government, the service of news of corporate bankruptcy, liquidation, VIP service, review and follow-up of all government ministries, completion of all transactions for clients inside Saudi Arabia, and service of investors from outside Saudi Arabia, where the company serves them.


Company incorporation services in Saudi Arabia

  • Establishing Companies.
  • Reviewing the Investment Authority and the Ministry of Commerce and issuing commercial licenses, Ministry of Investment licenses, industrial licenses and licensing factories.
  • Review the Ministry of Human Resources, open the labor office files, and issue professional and business visas.
  • Holding meetings, coordinating and booking appointments, receiving delegations, booking hotels, receiving from the airport, and providing luxury cars with a driver.
  • Tourist translation, guidance and direction service.
  • Providing escorts and guides for business guides and offering investment opportunities to investors.
  • Issuing licenses and selecting administrative and industrial sites.
  • Providing commercial services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Choosing the best accredited engineering offices to make and supervise engineering plans and provide the best contractors.


Other services

City Squares Company also offers:

  • Supplying production lines to factories through approved offices in China and of high quality with all the requirements of industrial and commercial companies.
  • Providing the best accredited audit offices for bookkeeping, filing tax returns, and the best approved customs clearance office at reasonable prices.
  • Providing administrative and professional cadres.
  • Receiving the mail and sending it to the senior management officially, managing their private and public relations, representing them and acting on their behalf in all their private and governmental requirements.
  • Services for establishing companies in Saudi Arabia and their banking services.
  • Customs clearance services and goods receipt.
  • Sponsorship service, renewal of residence permits, opening of social insurance file and adding employees.
  • Opening the zakat and income file and extracting the tax number.
  • Issuance of municipal licenses.
  • Issuance of industrial licenses.
  • licensing factories.
  • Issuance of Food and Drug Authority licenses.
  • Issuance of civil defense licenses.
  • Documenting contracts, serving legal regulations, and serving VIPs with complete confidentiality.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Attestation of contracts from foreign affairs and embassies.
  • Services of Arab and foreign companies, managing their businesses, and providing advice on everything new in governmental and commercial services.
  • Providing the best consultations for the best financing companies and banks to provide loans and making the best feasibility studies that suit our clients.
  • Logo and identity design for companies and institutions.
  • Brand modification.
  • The tracking services and electronic services for our customers in the service of a monthly or annual subscription. We have a copy of the company’s documents, licenses, and residencies. The team of Sahat Company makes a file dedicated to each company that contains all the documents of the contracted company. The program serves to alert any license or document that is nearing completion and the team provides The customer with any notice of renewal, as this subscription serves the e-government services and Tracking at reasonable prices.

The City Squares Company for Public Relations and Communication provides a public relations service by contracting with all government agencies and the private sector in its various activities and seeks to highlight the linkage of relations and provide the best image of the Kingdom for businessmen and service guests and VIP visitors with the highest quality and excellence.



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