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Issuing Visas

City Squares company is keen to build international fraternal economic relations with all embassies and countries of the world in dealing and serving communities, colleges and universities Saudi and foreign and improving the performance of the mental image by providing service to the beneficiary of the highest quality standards, as well as seeking to include the company in all consulates in order to serve the public and the adoption of the company for Issuing regular and tourist visas, VIP and Schengen visas, businessmen visas, coordination, holding meetings and representing embassies.

We are happy to provide the best services to international embassies in all services and public relations where City Squares company provides public relations, government services, representing embassies services, and issuing regular and tourist visas, VIP and Schengen visas, businessmen visas, to be accomplished for each embassy in all government departments, and embassies can rely on us in all the tasks they need, including the service of delegations, the service of receiving diplomatic personalities, the reservation of hotels at reasonable prices, the provision of the latest luxury cars with a driver, as well as the City Squares company for Public Relations provides consulting services and establishing local and international companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all internal and external companies for investors with the highest quality standards Coordination with commercial supplements, meetings with government departments, selection of the right place for each investor, and serving everyone in government aspects in accordance with the regulations and laws adopted in Saudi Arabia.

At City Squares, we are always happy to partner strategically with government agencies and the private sector, we also serve customers from companies or government agencies in issuing visas, and we are interested in providing the best services with the highest quality of excellence, punctuality and respect for time, as well as representing embassies and providing the best events services to embassies from choosing the best places, arranging the best tourist programs and tours in the regions and allocating tour guides in several languages as requested by the beneficiary.

We are interested in the company of city squares to form distinguished relations between both the economic, tourism and service aspects in light of the developments taking place in Saudi Arabia under King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the renewed renaissance from an economic point of view, and our role is to provide the best and correct guidance to every investor or large companies and form a strategic economic partnership by representing each embassy partner to us in front of all government departments, and to provide services to the government sector and the private sector with the best performance and distinctive image and we are happy to be Always with you.

Everyone needs a service provider, a public relations and government relations provider and is looking for the best. City Squares public relations and communication company grew up with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of public relations and communication and has several branches outside Saudi Arabia and is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, which enjoys a great renewed renaissance and supports all entities by providing the best solutions, innovations and mutual cooperation, and it seeks to provide the best mental images to all valued customers as well as carrying a cadre specialized in media, content writing and publishing the best news to customers in several media newspapers and through their social media accounts.



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