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Financial advisory services

Financial advisory

Financial consultations services such as feasibility studies for industrial, commercial and service projects, providing specialists in the field of feasibility studies, providing data and statistics for each project, and preparing budgets for companies, through an accounting and financial consultations team that has experience in preparing budgets.

Finishing the procedures related to zakat and income tax at the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority through:-

  • Preparing all data and statistics, preparing the zakat and tax returns, preparing their own statements, and determining the zakat and tax due on customers, through the issuance of the monthly statement.
  • Submit all financial statements, declaration and attached statements to the Department of Zakat and Income, and extract the Zakat certificate and the final assessment.
  • Zakat and tax consultancy services.
  • Reviewing the financial statements of companies.


Financial Statements

Preparing and publishing the special budget for companies and institutions, in the form of: –

  • Quarterly – semi-annual – yearly.
  • Approval of the budget from a certified accounting office.
  • 4 times a year visits to clients.
  • An integrated accounting program.
  • The financial program for preparing budgets for companies and institutions.
  • Professional team work on reading financial statements and putting them into templates.
  • Representing companies on the board of directors when presenting and approving budgets.
  • Providing specialized employees for companies in the accounting and financial field.



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