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Intelligent Administrative Services

It is a modern department that includes commercial project management services, business analysis and strategic planning, whose goal is to enable economic development tools for commercial organizations investing in the Arab and global market by a team specialized in establishing businesses and investment companies. Arab and international, where the senior management is aware of the entire operations within the organization in all its branches around the world.

The program aims at facilitating and digitizing all administrative processes, whether the investor is inside or outside the investment destination, as the Municipal Squares Company serves the establishment of global regional commercial and industrial companies with the provision of consultations in the completion of licenses. For your industrial products and international brands with the provision of all government services within the smart management program by the city squares company, where the program provides suppliers in various countries with the possibility of modern advanced trade at the lowest cost and the senior management is aware of all transactions in an instant, and all internal and external departments are linked where The specialized team is responsible for supervising warehouses, sales, billing, logistics and other services.


  • The smart management outputs are based on:

    Raising wills, reducing expenses, developing, spreading the brand, customer service and professional marketing


  • Smart Management provides its services to:

Financial management, human resources management, marketing management, sales management, inventory management, quality management, information technology management, research and development center, operations management, checking websites and creating specialized policies for the target customer

Through integrated and practical digital services, Al-Thukair Department is considered one of the advanced business accelerators in the field of global investment.


All the above-mentioned services are carried out through the annual subscription to the program, and we at Cities Square Company have more than management consulting with a selection of highly experienced consultants in global ways through the application of innovative smart management around the world.


Cloud where everyone can access it via the web and allows sending quotations via a dedicated link with the ability to make suggestions, and pay online after agreeing to the quotation.

Personal secretary service for receiving calls, arranging appointments and meetings, receiving delegations, and organizing and arranging clients (active, new, old)

The digital archive saves financial transactions, incoming and outgoing and recurring invoices


Project management, where there is a special file for each project with updates, meetings, appointments, and everything related to the project with high accuracy with alerts to the project manager. It also provides a service group and special messages for project workers specifically

Track customers and send messages via e-mail or WhatsApp in the event of communication to request a specific service, as this service motivates the customer to complete the purchase process

The program serves all departments (senior and executive management with the possibility of giving powers, financial management, marketing management, sales management, quality management, procurement management, project management, human resources management, research and development center, warehouse management, etc.,)

Alerts and reminds employees of meetings, deadlines, and tasks


Periodic reports for each department or for all commercial organization (such as sales, expense report, reports by the customer and service evaluation, etc…)

Exact dates in GMT according to the country and its local time

Temporary message service for customers

High privacy and information security

Knowledge base articles (track if your article is useful to customers, improve text based on votes)

A very large database that is shared with the service requester for quick contact numbers

The program allows you to save photos, clips and meetings in the media library

Automatic backup database

A record of activities, participations and conferences is provided by the program to commercial organizations of different countries with periodic development proposals

Studying competitors for customers during the quarter




Customer Service: The customer service team is connected to the smart management platforms to serve customers by the contracting company and provides the technical and financial offers that customers request from the system. The approval is communicated with the Sales Department, where customer service is also linked to the higher departments and gives authority to the concerned employee.

Marketing services: linking social media accounts on the website, where the accounts are managed on demand by the Town Squares Company, in addition to making designs, videos and promotional campaigns, and improving the performance of the search engine via Google.



Sales Department: Providing Call Center service in various languages, where the smart management program provides quotations and is approved for the sales department of the contracted company.

Information Technology: The website of the contracted company is being developed or a new website is being created in line with the new market with social media accounts and the development of institutional communication with the management of social media accounts by the City Squares Company.


  • We are pleased to see you for the rest of our services, and we are pleased to be partners with you in your success
  • Our valued customers can purchase a copy of the program with the specialist in training our customers’ employees on the program (without interfering in the management of the program by the City Squares Company) with a one-year technical support service



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