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Management Consulting

We serve our clients by providing them with management consulting in order to help them improve administrative performance, which contributes to the advancement of their business and the elimination of some of the problems and obstacles they face. The management consulting service includes the service of organizational restructuring of companies, the development of plans and strategies for companies, the development of companies and the training of employees.


Organizational Chart:

The company provides specialists in the field of preparing organizational structures according to the nature and work of each company, and we also contribute to the study and restructuring of companies that suffer from some administrative problems.


Strategic Planning:

  • Develop a strategic plan for companies according to a study prepared and approved by clients.
  • Contribute to finding urgent administrative solutions in the event of any obstacles to the development of strategies for companies.


Administrative Development:

City square companies undertake the administrative development process and prepare the study for clients through the process of researching and investigating the administrative aspects that need to be developed and their contribution to finding solutions and customized programs for a successful administrative building that contributes to improving work within companies.



  • Training of employees
  • Preparing training programs according to the companies’ field of work.
  • Preparing training bags.
  • Providing specialized trainers.
  • Providing places and halls for training internally and externally.
  • Certified training certificates.
  • Conducting an annual training program for each employee, following up on the level of training, and preparing the evaluation periodically.


HR Policy:

  • Preparing regulations for the policy and work of human resources management for clients.
  • Implementation of employee loyalty programs.
  • Providing electronic programs for human resources and linking to the website for customers.
  • Providing employees for government and private agencies.
  • Create the appropriate environment for the work of human resources departments.
  • Representing companies in attracting distinguished graduates and talent.



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