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Post-establishment services

City Squares Company is a government relations company in Saudi Arabia that provides post-establishment services to investors, establish articles of incorporation, complete government transactions and customs clearance…

Post-establishment services Our clients can contract with us for a post-incorporation service, whether foreign or Arab companies or internal companies to form government relations in Saudi Arabia, complete government transactions , establish articles of incorporation, and follow up on companies’ business and officially receive a full copy of the establishment’s documents, and the inclusion of all documents, licenses, articles of incorporation and employee contracts in a special file and making a special archive for each company in a special program for the City Squares Company that preserves all documents and has advantages in alerting any document that is close to expiry three months before the expiry, in this program there is also a service for personnel and employment, residency numbers, copies of medical and health insurance cards, entry and exit cards, car insurance, renewal of forms, vehicle inspection, customs clearance, receipt of goods, receipt of parcels, delivery of official documents that we receive from companies or we extract them, and the contracting company delivers the assets and we save a full copy with Program in a custom file, we also raise wages on the Qiwa platform, update wages, register employees and workers on the social insurance website, and notify contracted companies of any notice of renewal of licenses or residencies or expiration of work contracts or licenses and others.


Our clients can contract with us for post-establishment services, completion of Investment Authority licenses, issuing records and establishing companies, where we do the following:

Examples of post-establishment services

  • Choosing the company’s location (administrative or industrial) in the appropriate place.
  • Fully equiping the company with furniture, offices and others.
  • Establish articles of incorporation
  • Complete government transactions
  • Receipt of goods, equipment and customs clearance.
  • Marketing the products of companies and factories inside and outside the Kingdom, presenting them to the beneficiaries, and preparing agreements.
  • Providing companies with all that is new in the labor market and updates related to the Ministry of Human Resources and others.
  • Registering establishments in the government procurement portal and submitting tenders.
  • Reservation and management of exhibitions for companies.
  • Opening, launching and documenting projects.
  • Receiving the corporate mail and sending it to the concerned department company.
  • Selecting the trained cadre and employing it according to the company’s request.
  • Follow up on all problems facing companies and individuals with government agencies in the Kingdom.
  • Work confidentially for all corporate business.
  • Form Government Relations in Saudi Arabia


Post-establishment services

  • Pleading service and legal advice at all public, commercial and labor courts. A service following up the agenda and submitting to government competitions.
  • Reviewing and commenting on all government transactions and assigning delegates to open envelopes.
  • Customs clearance
  • Making agreements between companies.
  • Evaluating the performance of the employees and the distinguished service, and highlighting the best image of the reputation of the contracting companies and organizations on social media, transmitting news and publishing everything new, providing the best public relations delegates, allocating a cadre specialized in public relations for each contracting company, facilitating all their requirements and government services and serving the private sector.
  • Accounting bookkeeping service and submitting tax returns through an accredited office with us at reasonable prices. We supervise and follow up banking services and facilities, choose the best banks, issue bank guarantees and financing services to our clients through official accredited organizations.
  • Providing engineering consultancy services, drawings, providing and making tenders for contractors to build any private sector project, with engineering, advisory and administrative supervision from us.
  • Issuing travel tickets for workers and employees and booking hotels and receiving them.
  • Making agreements and documenting contracts by our legal department and an accredited legal advisory office to preserve rights and conclude agreements.
  • The management of the City Squares Company supervises, follows up, advises and guides the investor at the beginning of his project by providing a site, furnishing the place, providing cars and staff accommodation, sending reports to the contracting senior management, sending mail, and sending all the new government facilities.
  • One of the advantages of our administration is to reduce the cost of the contracting administration with a distinguished difference in all the services we perform with the best service and the highest excellence.
  • We also provide the service of holding exhibitions and commercial events.
  • Creating an event file and marketing on social media platforms.
  • Managing clients’ social media accounts through the marketing service on behalf of others, which we are authorized to work on for our clients.

City Squares Company is considered a partner for the success of any company or project in the Saudi market from an economic point of view in the Saudi market, and there are investment opportunities that are the focus of the world’s attention now, and we help you in managing your service and government business without hesitation. Continue in Saudi Arabia and we are with you.



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