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Public Relations and Communication

The best public relations company in Saudi Arabia with building strategies for the governmental and private sectors, with an experienced team in the corporate communication industry, according to the latest human and technical capabilities that the company provides to its clients to contribute to building the mental image and the growth of the identity of those sectors, we also play a major role in influencing the internal and external audience of these sectors, we are also pleased to represent government and private agencies in the best services in providing the best service for a public relations company in Saudi Arabia and all countries, and this is in the work of strategic plans between the public and private sectors, and coordination with official and private agencies, while providing the best marketing services, coordinating appointments for dignitaries and businessmen, and reception services for delegations and tourists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all over the world, with guidance and direction, highlighting the heritage and tourism landmarks in the Kingdom, offering investment opportunities and providing a specialized staff in several languages for translation and tourist, economic and governmental guidance in the reception services for delegations and tourists, businessmen and dignitaries, with the media documentation service from newspapers and websites and documenting them to the best excellence, We also offer the best reception service from airports and land and sea ports to serve visitors, provide the best luxury cars, book hotels and chalets, and institutional communication service in serving guests and give the best mental image of the visit and meetings to the guest and host, and bring the views closer, advice and guidance, as the City Squares Company is characterized by several services, the most important of which is providing the best public relations for visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving the Saudi ministries and the private sector, and reception services for delegations and tourists, the City Squares Company also has, in its other services, investment services and investor service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in completing all government transactions and providing advice on the best projects and investment opportunities, followed by many other services.


Our services:

Corporate Communications

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for institutional communication and building specialized departments according to a scientific methodology based on study, analysis and measurement.

Structuring the public relations department

Establishing an organizational structure according to the nature of the institution’s work, linking it to the objectives and vision of the facility, and setting appropriate plans for its work.

Providing training to public relations staff

  • Qualifying and training public relations employees to use the best methods and means to assist them in carrying out the work related to institutional communication entrusted to them, while providing all modern training sources.
  • Building a reputation and improving the mental image.


Media Relations

Linking agencies with media organizations

Improving the relationship with the media through visits and invitations to attend events.Improving media visibility

Provide an advanced level of media visibility for the facility according to the target audience and use the best media.

Media Influence

Study and analysis of the extent of the impact that the establishment has on its audience in the media and our contribution to determining the level of publication by following the best methods that help media visibility.

Press News

Drafting press news in an editorial template that reflects the image of the institution and maintains the level of news material and its impact on the audience.

Press Conferences

Planning for the implementation and preparation of press conferences, providing all media services for conferences, media invitations, and issuing media statements and reports.


Editing materials for annual reports and design, setting technical specifications for the type of reports and printing them in a luxurious type.

Media guide

Preparing guides for conferences, exhibitions and events in terms of editorial and technical terms of printing and distribution.

Managing and equipping media centers

  • Equipping the media centers with the latest modern technologies and providing high quality media coverage for media employees.
  • We also provide the service of issuing media cards for internal and external events and occasions by issuing visas to media professionals and providing a reception service.


Exhibitions and Conferences

  • Holding internal exhibitions for the events that are organized inside the facility and providing logistical support, lighting, sound, and staging, and attracting sponsors and advertising campaigns.
  • Planning participation in external exhibitions and making an annual calendar with a highly qualified specialized team in the external representation of the facility.
  • Execution: designing the booth – preparing the exhibitors team – preparing publications – films – display screens – products.


Media Monitoring

  • It ensures the provision of detailed reports on the facility’s news and its presence in the media.
  • Monitor the impact of media campaigns on the public.
  • Proactive monitoring plans that contribute to the knowledge of establishments in the use of the best media.
  • Media Impact Studies.
  • Annual and quarterly reports.


Media Documentation

  • Indexing and classification of all published media and advertising materials according to the time, method and subject of publication for easy access in preparing media reports and for use by researchers and the media.
  • Extraction of campaign results, and data about the facility, to know the extent of the impact, the level of effectiveness of the campaign and the technical issues.
  • Documenting events and occasions according to the means of publication, the type of material and the time of publication, with the creation of a special documentation platform, facilitating the process of searching and retrieving information, to be one of the sources for the establishments.


Social Responsibility

  • Contribute with the governmental and private sectors in developing a social responsibility strategy.
  • Presenting community programs that fit the nature of the facility’s work.
  • Presenting community initiatives and innovating the best initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of the establishments’ work in the field of social work, and implementing the initiatives efficiently through our experts specialized in social responsibility programs.
  • Implementation of volunteer program plans and the participation of entities in volunteer activities.


Media Campaigns

  • Planning effective media campaigns and building a media plan according to the target audience.
  • Building campaign strategies and campaign management with a specialized team and experience in launching media campaigns.
  • Implementation of media campaigns through appropriate means through our team studying the means and their suitability and submitting suggestions for the success of the campaign.
  • Website design and search engine optimization.


internal communication

  • Establishment includes analysis and study of internal communication management and data and information analysis in order to build management.
  • Building strategies for internal communication and setting goals according to which internal activities and programs are implemented.
  • Operation includes establishing internal communication channels, building cadres, providing technical equipment, and preparing a guide for internal communication programs.
  • Designing the calendar of events according to their classification in terms of quality of the event and the time of stay, and the guide for the implementation of the event and its requirements, and the provision of human cadres and techniques from sound – lighting – staging – podium – drone imaging – promo work for the event.


Advertising Campaigns

  • Planning and building advertising campaigns according to the type of campaign, its target audience, and the timing of building the campaign stages and their interrelationship, so that the process of influence and access is easy, with the choice of media.
  • Design templates.
  • Writing content for advertising messages.


Reputation Management

  • Study and analyze the image of the organization and measure the performance in which it operates, while providing the means to build an image improvement strategy.
  • Measuring mass impact.


Crisis Management

  • Building crisis management strategies.
  • Corporate communication plans during crises.



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