Platinum Package


  • Providing legal advice at all times to the parent company in all requirements and procedures for a month
  • Legalization of the document for the parent company in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Payment of government fees for commercial registration, articles of incorporation and licenses
  • Reserve a trade name if (limited liability company) company registration
  • Apply for a license and approval from SAGIA / MISA to open a branch of a foreign company
  • Register the company's virtual office address and P.O-Box number to get the company's local address, And the work visa process
  • Pay the investment license and approval fees from MISA
  • Payment of Chamber of Commerce fees
  • Activate the Chamber of Commerce portal
  • Company registration with GOSI Social Insurance
  • Registration of the company with the Tax Authority (Zakat)
  • Company registration with the Saudi Ministry of Labor
  • Reservation of the mobile phone number in the name of the company
  • Recording the signature of the appointed director in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Providing consultations and everything related to e-government services for a month
اطلب الان

Required Documents

Establishing a branch of a foreign company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • A copy of the commercial register of the parent company certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  • A copy of the memorandum of association of the parent company, certified by the Saudi embassy.
  • All documents are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including budgets
  • The financial statements of the parent company’s last financial year certified (must be more than one million and
    SAR text.)
  • Confirmation of the partners to open a branch of the company and appoint the manager in Saudi Arabia
  • A copy of the passports of the owners and the manager, indicating whether they are residents of the country or not.
  • An official power of attorney for the Town Squares Company to establish the company and complete all required procedures


  • The Town Squares Company is located in Saudi Arabia and is an official entity approved by the government
    In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and among the approved companies in the Kingdom.
  • It takes 15 to 25 working days to register a branch of a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it can be increased if there are external approvals.
  • All documents are kept strictly confidential in a file for the city squares company in case they are needed in the future by the client