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Legal Consultation Services

Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation Services We work to protect customers and put their entity in the right direction compatible with the regulations and laws, whether commercial, labor, economic or personal, providing legal consultation, objection service, preparing and organizing commercial law, contract drafting, representing companies before the courts, drafting internal work regulations and representing companies through lawyers.


Representation before labor courts

The company provides a lawyer specialized in the field of labor systems and workers who have the ability to represent companies and institutions before labor courts, provide legal consultation services, follow up cases and finalize all related procedures.


Preparing and drafting the internal work list

We are working on preparing and providing specialists in the field of preparing internal work systems for companies so that we harmonize the laws and regulations related to work with the work policy of the establishments and spread the culture of work within the facilities through the induction program for the work system for companies and the protection of the rights of employees and the company.



We employ lawyers in all fields according to the nature of the work of each company, so that the company has a representative who provides legal consultation services and represents it internally and externally in all cases.


We are working on writing a list of objections to the judgments issued against the company or institution by studying the case and providing evidence and proofs that are appropriate to the case of the objection to provide legal consultation services and follow up cases in the courts according to a specific timetable between the company and the client through which the objection plan is drawn up and the level of the case for the objection.


Commercial Law

We offer the most skilled specialists in the field of commercial law for companies and institutions wishing to expand their field of work in line with the nature of the country to be deployed in according to the country’s own law and keeping pace with the client’s activity.


contract drafting

Specialized in writing commercial contracts according to a practical and systematic guide based on protecting the rights of companies wishing to provide their services, we work to protect the rights of the contracting parties in a scientific manner.



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