City Squares: Navigating Overseas Company Setup in Saudi Arabia
City Squares: Navigating Overseas Company Setup in Saudi Arabia

City Squares: Navigating Overseas Company Setup in Saudi Arabia


In the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia emerges as a land of untapped potential and lucrative opportunities for overseas businesses. City Squares is at the forefront, offering specialized services for overseas company setup in Saudi Arabia. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Saudi market equip us with the tools necessary to facilitate your company’s successful entry into this vibrant economy.

Why Saudi Arabia for Your Overseas Company Setup?

Saudi Arabia’s strategic location, coupled with its robust economic reforms and Vision 2030 goals, make it an attractive destination for overseas businesses. The Kingdom’s efforts to diversify its economy present unprecedented opportunities in various sectors, from technology and renewable energy to tourism and entertainment.

City Squares: Your Partner in Overseas Company Setup

City Squares simplifies the process of establishing your overseas company in Saudi Arabia. Our comprehensive range of services ensures a smooth transition into the Saudi market, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Key Services for Overseas Company Setup

    Market Entry Strategy: Developing a customized market entry strategy that aligns with your business goals and the unique aspects of the Saudi market.

    Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complexities of Saudi laws and regulations to ensure your business complies with all necessary legal requirements, including company registration and obtaining the necessary licenses.

    Local Sponsorship and Partnership: Assisting in finding reliable local sponsors or partners, a requirement for foreign businesses in certain sectors, to facilitate smoother operations and compliance with local laws.

    Financial and Banking Setup: Guiding you through the financial landscape in Saudi Arabia, including setting up bank accounts and advising on fiscal matters to ensure your business is financially sound from the start.

    Human Resources and Recruitment: Offering support in recruiting a skilled workforce and ensuring compliance with Saudi labor laws, including Saudization requirements.

Navigating Cultural and Business Practices

Understanding and adapting to local business practices and cultural nuances is crucial for success in Saudi Arabia. City Squares offers invaluable insights and guidance to ensure that your business operations are not only efficient but also culturally aligned.

Success in Saudi Arabia with City Squares

Our mission at City Squares is to ensure that your overseas company setup in Saudi Arabia is not just about launching a business but laying the foundation for sustainable growth and success in a promising market. With City Squares, you gain a partner who is committed to your business’s long-term success, providing ongoing support and advice as you navigate your journey in the Saudi market.


Setting up an overseas company in Saudi Arabia offers vast opportunities for growth and expansion. With City Squares, you’re choosing a partner with the expertise, local knowledge, and comprehensive services needed to ensure a successful and compliant entry into the Saudi market. Embrace the potential that Saudi Arabia offers with City Squares guiding your journey every step of the way.