City Squares: Your Gateway to Starting a Business in Saudi Arabia
City Squares: Your Gateway to Starting a Business in Saudi Arabia

City Squares: Your Gateway to Starting a Business in Saudi Arabia

Navigating the Business Environment with City Squares

At City Squares, we specialize in facilitating the journey for foreigners looking to open a company in Saudi Arabia. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that every aspect of opening a business in Saudi Arabia is covered, from obtaining the requirements for a business visa to the actual setup and operation of your company. Here’s how City Squares stands out as your preferred partner in the Kingdom.

Comprehensive Services Offered by City Squares

  • Investment Licensing Guidance: City Squares provides expert assistance in navigating the investment license application process with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), ensuring a smooth entry into the Saudi market.

  • Legal Structure Consultation: Choosing the right legal structure is crucial. Whether it’s a limited liability company (LLC), a joint stock company, or a branch of a foreign entity, City Squares offers tailored advice to suit your business needs.

  • Commercial Registration Support: We guide you through the commercial registration process with the Ministry of Commerce, marking your business’s official presence in Saudi Arabia.

  • Business Visa Processing: City Squares simplifies the process of obtaining a business visa for Saudi Arabia, leveraging our network to ensure your documentation is accurately prepared and submitted.

Step-by-Step Approach with City Squares

  • Tailored Business Plan Development: Our experts work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that aligns with your objectives and market entry strategy

  • Local Partnership Solutions: While not mandatory for all business types, City Squares can connect you with reliable local partners to facilitate your market entry and ongoing operations.

  • Seamless Registration and Licensing: We manage the end-to-end process of securing your investment license, commercial registration, and any additional permits required for your business.

  • Corporate Banking Assistance: Opening a corporate bank account is a critical step in establishing your business. City Squares assists in this process, ensuring you’re ready for financial transactions in Saudi Arabia.

  • Efficient Visa Services: With our comprehensive visa services, City Squares ensures you and your team can enter and operate in Saudi Arabia without delays.

Adapting to Saudi Business Culture with City Squares

Understanding the local business culture is key to success. City Squares offers cultural orientation and guidance on navigating the business landscape in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing relationship-building and adherence to local customs.

The Future of Doing Business in Saudi Arabia with City Squares

The Saudi government is keen on attracting foreign investment, making now an opportune time to enter the market. With sectors like technology, renewable energy, and tourism booming, City Squares is ready to help you capture these emerging opportunities.


City Squares is your dedicated partner in opening a company in Saudi Arabia. From navigating the requirements for a business visa to establishing and growing your business in the Kingdom, our expertise and tailored services make the process streamlined and efficient. Embrace the dynamic Saudi market with City Squares by your side.